Debt Consolidation British Columbia

I couldn’t believe how I had gotten myself into this much financial mess. After all, I’m a professional woman, a doctor, I’m supposed to be competent and intelligent. But there came a day that I was so depressed, so frightened, so hopeless, that I seriously thought that the only way out was to end my own life.

It started with such simple things. I’d worked hard to get to my position as an attending at a big hospital. I no longer had to put in the crazy hours of a junior doctor, and I loved my work. But I was too tired to cook each night, so I would go out to eat with friends, always to fancy restaurants, and we got to be a pretty hard drinking bunch too. My work was satisfying, but stressful, so on my day off I would routinely go out and buy myself little presents; a sexy pair of shoes, some nice jewelry, a piece of antique furniture. The presents got bigger and bigger. It was as if I had a hunger that I couldn’t satisfy no matter how much I ate.

But hey, I was earning a good income, where was the issue? Well, the issue was that I maxed out one credit card and store card after the other. Then I couldn’t pay my rent, so I took out a personal loan at a huge rate of interest. My pay check just didn’t cover everything. I started borrowing from my friends, I tried to be sensible and budget, but I was in too deep. I stopped answering the phone and threw my mail away. I’m ashamed to say that I even started stealing small amounts of money from colleagues’ unattended purses, just to pay for coffee and a sandwich, I was that broke.

But fortunately, after a very tearful row with a close friend, I confided in her that I had money problems. She told me about a BC debt consolidation¬†company where she lived. We hugged and cried as she explained that she had had money problems too, but that debt consolidation had sorted everything out, so she now has just one payment to make each month and can see an end to her troubles. So I found a reputable¬†BC debt consolidation company, and now I too am on the road to financial recovery. I’d advise anyone who’s in despair to take this route out of all that financial pain.

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